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Who we are

Rapid Resource was established in 1998 to accommodate the growing need for highly experienced IT trainers on a freelance basis. We currently hold a database of 500 skilled IT trainers nationwide.

In 2005 we were approached with a request to provide Contract EPOS engineers. This area of our business grew steadily and in 2009 we acquired an engineer recruitment agency which gave us access to a larger number of highly skilled EPOS engineers.

Supplying IT trainers and EPOS engineers is now our area of expertise.

All our contractors have:
• Exceptional knowledge in their chosen field.
• Ability to work on their own.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Flexibility.

In today’s ever changing market place, saving money is paramount to any organisation; using IT trainers and engineers on an ad hoc or temporary basis gives you access to the best skilled professionals at an affordable cost with no long term obligation.

Learn from the experts…